Introduction to Ruby and Object Oriented Programming

You'll gain the basic skill set of front end development by developing real web pages using HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap. You'll build multiple web pages including a modern-looking resume page and a portfolio website to showcase your skills.

Chapter 1: Getting Started with Web Development

1. Goals of the Intro Course

2. Guidelines for Learning

Chapter 2: Ruby Fundamentals

1. Introduction to Ruby

2. Setting up your environment

3. Super basic command line crash course

4. Your First Ruby Program

5. Math is easy

6. Strings

7. Variables

8. Arrays

9. Hashes

10. Looping and Iterating

11. Defining our own methods

12. Conditionals and Logical Operators

Chapter 3: Object oriented programming

1. Introduction to Object Oriented Programming

2. Classes

3. Instance Variables

4. attr_reader and attr_writer

5. Instance Methods, Class Methods, and Encapsulation

6. Inheritance

Chapter 4: Ruby challenges

1. FooBar Challenge

2. Test-First Ruby: Hello

3. Challenge: Temperature Conversion

4. Challenge: Ordinal

5. Challenge: Building a Deck of Cards