Ideator - an Idea Sharing App

It is a simple web application where users can post ideas free onto the website. Think of it as a super simple version of Twitter.

Chapter 1: Setting Up RoR App

1. Setting up the Environment

2. Setting up staging environment (heroku) (optional)

Chapter 2: Creating the First Page

1. Introduction to RoR

2. Working with Controller

Chapter 3: Designing a Page

1. Adding Navbar to Application Layout

2. Adding Styles to Navbar and Footer

Chapter 4: Dynamically Adding Contents

1. Generating a Model

2. Adding Content through Form

3. Styling with flowbite

Chapter 5: Updating and Deleting Contents

1. Adding Edit and Update Methods

2. Validate User Input

3. Deleting Content and Adding Link

Chapter 6: Adding Static Pages

1. Generate Controller for Static Pages

2. Adding Final Designs

Chapter 7: Understanding MVC

1. Overview of MVC

2. Understand How Everything Works Together

Chapter 8: HTTP Methods

1. Overview of HTTP Methods

Chapter 9: Migrations

1. What is Schema.rb?

2. Adding and Updating DB Columns