Instapost - Share your photos online

You will be building an app called instapost similar to instagram. So you will also be able to understand authentication with like feature.

Chapter 1: Ruby Core Training

1. Practice, Practice, Practice

2. Challenge: Check Pallindrome

3. Challenge: String Compressor

4. Challenge: Square each digits

Chapter 2: Generating Photo Sharing Platform

1. Setting up the Environment

2. Installing Design Dependencies

3. Generate Model for user Authentication

4. Introduction to Activestorage (for photo)

Chapter 3: Setting up Posts

1. Generating Model and Controller for Posts

2. Setting up Routes

3. Setup Forms to Create Posts

4. Writing Logic for Creating Post and Add Validations

5. Writing Methods for Updating and Deleting Post

6. Introduction to Rails Callbacks

7. Styling the pages

Chapter 4: Setting up Comments

1. Introduction to Rails Relationship

2. Self directed lesson for setting up comments

Chapter 5: Setting up User Profile

1. Displaying user info

Chapter 6: Adding Likes to Post

1. Implement votable

2. Introduction to Partials

3. Implementing Turbo

Chapter 7: Finishing Up

1. Adding design to the web app - Self Directed

Chapter 8: Implementing Best Practices

1. Eager loading and the N+1 query problem

2. Law of demeter and delegation